Through a comedic, dark, and satirical tone, Eliza gravitates toward examining historical and societal moments through heightened worlds, believing one can shine a light on our history and draw parallels to what’s happening in the present day—making people think while making them laugh.


"How To Catch A Witch"

Logline: When a young woman in Puritan-era Massachusetts believes there is a sudden epidemic of witches taking over her town, she is determined to see them all hanged, earning the admiration of the Reverend while blurring her own moral compass on what it means “to serve others.” It’s a comedy about the timeless ignorance of intolerance told in the giddy vernacular of modern youth.

TV pilot:

"The Rush"

Logline: It's 1849 in Independence, Missouri. After Thomas gets fired from his job, he decides to take his family to travel the Oregon Trail in under a day. Along with his neighbors who hate him, they all must caravan together, trying to figure out how to survive the trail and survive each other.